Individual Executive Medical Consultancy (IEMC)

This service gives you the opportunity to have specialized health personnel come to attend to you at the place of your convenience based on your schedule. A medical practitioner would come to attend to you, Laboratory personnel would come for your sample. Where a mobile service of the requested investigation like X-ray or scan is not available, Drifney makes arrangement for clients to have it at preferred facilities. Client would have the luxury of having a team of specialized practitioners discussing your condition and not only one practitioner. Personalised check up based of sex and age are also available.

Corporate Medical Consultancy

We provide personalized executive medical/dental care for corporate top executives. We also manage work site clinics, Pre-employment Medical Examination, Medical Event Planning, Corpoate Medical Bills Auditing.


Public Health Consultancy

Our specialized public health practitioners provide outreach service, talks, occupational health consultancy, surveillance, system design and evaluation.


Health Insurance Consultancy

  • Insurance Claim Auditing
  • Clinical Auditing for Insurance Companies
  • Provide Medical Evaluation for Life Insurance


Fast Track Surgeries

Registered clients have their surgical operations fast tracked at a preferred public aor private health facility locally or abroad. Drifney laises with the facility to ensure our clients receive the best professional care.