Why Choose DRIFNEY?

We are a team of pragmatic professionals who know the industry. We offer objective perspective to help you prepare financial reports that suits all users for expansion, getting listed, winning contracts, and performance analysis and investment decisions. We are confident that our unparalleled experience, resources and approach makes us the best suited to serve all business types.

Unparallel Qualities

Experience. Our team of Auditors and Chartered Accountants have decades of real-world cutting edge experience with both local and international firms. Our team possesses astute knowledge in the field. We document reliable financial reports that Foreign investors can reliably use for investment decisions. 
Staff Continuity. We are committed to maintaining the same staff on engagements year-after-year. Our turnover rate is among the lowest in the field, allowing our professionals to develop valuable, timesaving relationships with our clients’ staff and organization. Staff are trained in confidentiality and are trustworthy hence, clients information are safe for competition and market share acquisition reasons.

No Surprises. We are dedicated to providing our clients with personal attention and a “hands on” approach to avoid any surprises throughout the year. Our professionals will continue to solicit your input to incorporate it in our risk assessment process, fraud risks, business changes and the audit approach.

Quality. Our quality control assurance system is one of the best in the accounting profession. You can depend on the accuracy and quality of our work to help you make sound business decisions. The prompt high quality services we render compared to our affordable charges makes us a more cost-effective choice for businesses. 
Communication. We provide frequent updates in new developments in accounting and changes in standards that affect the industry. In addition, our senior level professionals are committed to staying abreast of specific issues at Drifney, and will take a proactive role in addressing them.
Our management level professionals have earned a reputation for helping companies or entities meet their goals and fulfill their long-term missions — we will do the same for you.